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Licensed Midwife

"The needs of mothers come first"

Anne Sommers

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Why would I Choose a Midwife?

A For the quality and quantity of personal care that she gives. This not only includes her bedside manner, her being on call for you 24/7, but her holistic approach (mind, body, family, emotional, spiritual, dietary) to you and your baby.

You would choose a midwife because she will spend more time with you than an OB who will average about 2 ½ hours total during a pregnancy, labor, birth and post partum period. A midwife will get to know you. She gives you counseling, recognition, time and TLC, designed to make your birth experience the healthiest and safest that it can be. Her care is woman-centered and family centered. She views your pregnancy and birth as a passage requiring support, a natural, normal event, not as a medical procedure.


You would choose a midwife because she is less likely to interfere with the natural process, something that medical personnel often do, thereby causing iatrogenic complications during the birth. Midwifery care is a gentler, nicer, pleasant way to have a baby. Women are honored, not treated like a piece of meat or with assembly line procedures. And, since siblings, and relatives are encouraged to participate in the birth, midwifery care enhances the family unit.

My Story

When asked why I became a midwife, I usually answer, ‘Midwifery is my calling.’  I love and enjoy working with mothers, babies and families. I had my own two children at home with the assistance of midwives, and I believe that homebirth is the safest and best way to bring children into the world. 


Though my journey to midwifery and natural childbirth began with the pregnancy of my son and my search for a home birth, it was after my daughter was born and in the 80’s that I was challenged to became politically active; I became involved in the home birth movement.  I wanted to learn everything I could about serving, nurturing and protecting mothers and changing laws that did not support the valuable occupation of midwife.


My training in midwifery, officially starting in 1986,  has been a long process, and continues.  I have worked with several lay and licensed midwives, an OB, as well as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, homeopathic physician, herbalist, and nutritionists.   Though I attended California State University Long Beach, I feel most of my education was achieved through self study, including books and seminars, and hands-on apprenticeship. 

I have been blessed that the right people and many of them, came into my life at the right time to teach me. I have had an education that was exceptionally varied.


My philosophy is one of non interference with natural birth and informed choice.  I believe that babies deserve to be brought into the world with peace, gentleness and love.  I also trust in birth and have a desire to protect and nurture mothers throughout the process of motherhood.

Firmly believing that birth is not necessarily a medical event, but a natural, personal experience which needs to involve the family,  I dislike that women are often treated as "patients," not given informed choices and subjected to routine medical interventions.  I believe that expectant mothers should be treated as individuals, not participants in an assembly line of medical routines performed by strangers. 

Likening my care and support as a midwife to that of being a lifeguard,  I serve at home births to watch over and protect the event and do not interfere if everything is going well.  However, if there is a problem I can recognize it and am prepared to take the appropriate action.


I work with the mother and father as a team member.  Midwife means "with woman;"  I am a guide, support, and companion, giving personalized care - the key to well being and the safety of homebirth.   I believe that the comfort and privacy of home with a sensitive midwife who is their companion  is the best way to birth.

Homebirth: Making it Happen

Homebirth: Making it Happen, Written by Anne Sommers, L.M. and Abbi Perets                      


My Services

I believe that pregnancy and childbirth are among the most special and memorable events in a woman's life, and should be tailored to each woman's specific health care needs. The one on one care that you will receive by me, a qualified Licensed Midwife, helps ensure that your birth will be the best and safest that  it can be.

woman 14

“I’m so grateful for the wonderful care, expert advice, and support I received from Dear Midwife. Three months after the birth and I’m still using the tips she gave me.”


Erin M. Testimony

“I had the most beautiful home birth with Anne. I am so grateful she was there to guide me through.  Her calm confidence was very reassuring throughout the labor. This was my second home birth, but my first with Anne, and her skills and knowledge were incomparable to my last midwives. So grateful I chose her, and if I have another child it will definitely be with Anne!”


Jolene testimony

“When I first got pregnant I did as most do and went to go see an OBGYN and that was a horrible experience for me and my hubby! It was the most intrusive painful examination I have ever had! She was rude and hard to bare. My husband was appalled, as was I. So this horrible experience launched us into more research as far as options go, we began anew without much support we started to looking into hiring a midwife. I made 10 calls and Anne was the first to call me back. Her energy and loving essence glowed and I knew I was making the right decision so we didn't pursue to interview any more midwives. Anne always kept us updated and kept her knowledge known she always shared what was on her mind and presented all the facts to make sure that we were going to make the right decision for us. We grew closer to her with each day and now I feel like shes part of the family. The day of the birth of my son,was a magical day, everyone wanted to be there my house was crowded and it started to interfere with my concentration but Anne always grounded me. All and all a great experience one that will be stored in my memory for the rest of my life and on. i hope that Anne will still be in practice as our family grows. Anne has inspired my love for midwifery and the beautiful birthing cycle.”


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